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Auction Template Tutorial

Using Photobucket

Large Auction Pictures: Resizing Auction Pictures

Using A Custom Template on eBay

Auction Template Tutorial


See this tutorial with animated how to pictures Here
(Pdf disallow animated gifs so animation is disabled.)

(Grab Template Sample 1 and let's get started. You can download the complimentary template from DtsArt. Please be aware though I can not provide any kind of support for free downloads. You may use them for as long as you wish as long as you follow the terms of use. However I do provide unlimited support for template that you have purchased from me.)

This tutorial is aimed at the new beginner eBay template users. Anyone can use a template on eBay. Using a DtsArt template is VERY SIMPLE! This is a very Complete and thorough tutorial. It is actully 4 tutorials. You may skip any part that you are already familiar with. It is very graphic intensive. Lots of pictures for beginners! Please give it quite awhile to load. It will be well worth it if you are struggling with using your template!

Your template will arrive in a zipped folder. If for some reason you can't unzip let me know and I will send you your template code to you unzipped. Once you have unzipped the folder you will see that all the images that I used to create your template are INCLUDED! I include the images for backup reasons. You can just set them aside in a safe place. You will notice that your template is also included in the folder in both .html format and .txt format. If you are using Window you can also edit your template using notepad. If you are using a mac use .txt. You can use whatever program you are comfortable with. Since this is a eBay auction template we will be using eBay's Sell Your Item Listing Format

Mac Users please note. There are known issues with the Safari browser and the eBay Sell your item interface. If you are experiencing problems you can use the Mozilla browser.

Getting Started

Although it is useful to have a basic knowledge of html you do not need to understand html to use my templates. You just need to know how to copy and paste. Locate the template in the folder. For this tutorial I will be using Daisy Days Template.

Now that you have located the template that you want to use put your cursor over the template, Now RIGHT CLICK on the template. A new Window Will open up. Scroll down to selection Open With. A fly out window will open. Click Notepad.

A new larger window will open up. This is your html template code. Html is made up of letters, numbers, symbols that tell your browser such as Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Sarfari how to assemble the words and pictures that are located in the file on your computer screen. This is what html looks like:

Now we are going to leave that up for a minute and head on over to www.photobucket.com to get our pictures ready for our auction, as the number one question of auction user is, "how do I get my pictures in the auction". If you are paying eBay to host pictures you really are spending money NEEDLESSLY! If you are familiar with photobucket and do not need assistance with pictures click to skip this step and go to Using A Custom Auction Template on eBay.


Using Photobucket

Either sign up for or sign into Photobucket. I will see you inside.

Now that we are inside we are going to load our pictures into photobucket so we can use them. Yes, eBay has give you the capacity to upload your auction photos onto their server but they also charge you to do so. Photobucket is FREE no matter how many pictures you want to include in your auction.

The first thing we want to do is change the picture size that Photobucket will allow us to upload. We want to choose the biggest file for our account. For free photobucket user the size is 1 Megabyte file size but 1024x768 is the default. Click  more options next to the tiny arrow to open the drop down menu and choose 1 Megabyte file size. We want to be in charge of our file sizing and resizing not let photobucket do it for us.

A Pop up window will open up Click the radio button to the 1 Megabyte files size and Click Save.

It is time to upload our pictures. Since we want to upload more than 1 picture we are going to use the photobucket bulk uploader. If you have any problems with the bulk uploader you can also choose to use the old uploader. The old uploader doesn't provide thumbnails of the pictures so you will need to know the name of the pictures you want to upload. Click bulk uploader. Once you click bulk uploader. You will see a waiting dial while photobucket finds your picture folder. If this is the first time you have used photobucket you many be asked to download  a file that helps photobucket read your pictures. If you don't want to do this or it doesn't work for you, just use the old uploader.

Photobucket has now found our Pictures file on our computer and has displayed the pictures in the folder.

Since I have several files and folders I will have to scroll down and find the folder which contains my auction pictures in it. Click the arrow next to any folder you see and the folder will expand and open up revealing any other folders or pictures that may be in that folder.  I have found mine.

Click the small + next to each picture that you want to upload to photobucket. Once you have selected all pictures you want to upload to photobucket click upload.

On the next screen you will get a chance to add a title and description to your pictures. I skip this step and for now choose skip this step. If you know that you are not ever going to use this feature you can choose ALWAYS skip this step. This step is mainly to tag your photos so other photobucket users can find them if you want to share your pictures with other photobucket users. Choose Skip this step now.

Great! We have now uploaded our pictures to Photobucket! But wait how do we get them into our auction!?!

To see the links you will have to move your mouse over one of your auction pictures. When you move your mouse over the pictures a pop up window will appear. When it does click the Links Option. A new pop up window will appear.

When the pop up window appears. Everything will be checked by default. UNcheck all boxes except two, Direct link for layouts pages & HTML for websites & blogs, keep checks in those. Then change the radio button from only on Mouse over to always, that way you will not have to look for the links all the time. We have left the only 2 boxes that we will ever use on eBay checked. If you find that other links are needed as you use Photobucket more for other websites than you can add those to always be displayed. Right now all we care about is ease of use on eBay. Click Save.

Now our pictures will permanently have two links displayed below each picture. We will be using the Direct Link in the tutorial later. The other link is useful elsewhere on eBay.

Now we have our photos for our auction saved in photobucket. We are just about ready to list our auction template however we need to think about how BIG are our pictures.  it is  nice to have nice clear big photos in your auction however you do need to think about size. No one wants to have to scroll to see a whole picture. I know my pictures are LARGE right now so I will need to resize them.  You may or may not resize your picture. If you do not need to resize your photo you can click to skip this step and go on to Using A Custom Auction Template on eBay.



Resizing eBay Auction Photos in Photobucket

Let's work on resizing our pictures for auctions. Click on the picture you want to resize.  A new window will open. A large image of the picture will fill the screen. My picture is 1000x10000 pixels. Much too large for an auction. When you click the picture you will be taken to a large version of your picture. Put your mouse over the picture and a navigation bar for editing will pop up.

Once you have the editing navigation bar up choose resize.  Click Large (640x480)You can choose a different size if you like but once you resize the image the resize can't be undone!

When you click resize a Warning Box will pop up. Click OK . Be careful when choosing, once a picture is resized it can't be undone.

Now the picture has been resized and you are back to the thumbnail preview area again. You will see a message that says your Image has been resized. Nothing looks changed just the image resized message will be there.

Now you need to repeat the resizing process with all your auction photos to get them ready. I will see you shortly when we put your new resized pictures in the template and list your auction.


Back to top of Resizing


Getting Your Custom Template on eBay

Now let's get your auction listed on eBay using the custom template. We need to get to the Sell Your Item Form. If you have a preferred way of getting to the Sell Your Item Form use the way you prefer. If you are not sure how to get there follow along. Go to the top of any eBay page and you will see the eBay navigation. Mouse over Sell and a drop down window will appear. Click Sell an Item.

Now simply click the Start Selling Button.


This will take you to the log-in page. Type your eBay username and password. Don't worry I will turn my head while you type in your user information ..::SMILE::..

Now type in what you are trying to sell. eBay will suggest some categories. Pick one that looks good to you.

Now that eBay has suggested some categories put a check in the category that most appropriately describes what you are selling. Then Click continue.

We will be on the create your listing part of the sell your item form page. We will use our template in the description area. Also make sure you add ONE picture to the Add Picture. eBay will use this as your thumbnail. The first is FREE but don't add any more to that area!

Now to add a thumbnail picture to our auction. Remember back in Photobucket I told you we were going to use the Direct Link. It is now time to get the link for our thumbnail picture. Click Direct Link code in Photobucket on the picture you want to use a thumbnail. Now RIGHT Click your mouse and select copy.

We have now copied the Direct Link Go to the Sell you item page again and Click the Add Picture Button. This will open a new window.

The new window has open.
Click Self Hosting Tab
put your cursor in the enter url box and delete the http://
RIGHT Click your mouse and choose paste in the side window
Click Insert Picture.

After you click add image. It will take you back to the create your listing part of the Sell your Item form. You can see the thumbnail image of your picture.

We need to now add our template to the Describe the item you are selling. You need to to click the HTML tab. By default you are in Standard mode. Make sure you choose the HTML tab.


After you choose the HTML tab in the Describe your item area, it is time to get the template that you have open in notebook. Put your cursor in the template any where and copy it. If you do not know to copy. Locate your Ctrl button on your keyboard. The Ctrl button is located on the left hand side bottom row of your keep board. While holding down the Ctrl button push the letter A on your keyboard. This will highlight all the text in notepad. After that Hold down the Ctrl button again and now press c on your keyboard. This copies the template.

Now that we have the template all copied. We will now paste the template into the Describe your item part of the sell your item form. Just take a quick glance and make sure that you are on the HTML tab. Click inside the Describe your item area to make it active and press and hold the Ctrl button down and now press the v on your keyboard. You can also RIGHT click your mouse and choose paste in the side window.

Now we are going to search in the code so we can find out where to put our pictures for our auction template.

It is pretty easy to find in the code where to put your pictures, it just takes a bit of reading. Everything that needs to be filled in, title, description, pictures, payment,shipping, ect. Will have alert tags. The alert tags come in PAIRS. They will tell you when to you need to "do your part". They look similar to this.

<!--*************************************************************x start your picture after this Alert ***************************************************x -->

<!--***************************************************************X end your picture before this alert ********************************************X -->.

Everything between the the <! to the > is the alert. Do not type anything in between the <! and the >. PERIOD! Just READ what it ask you to do. It is just for informational purposed only, to tell you to do what you need to do.

We have found and notice the alert for the pictures. We are going to focus our attention on what is in the middle separating the pair of alert tags. It is some code. this code is used to make a picture display on a web page.
<img src="http://i291.photobucket.com/albums/ll288/dtsart/addpics.jpg" />

We want to find this or something that looks similar to this code.

Let's now go to Photobucket to get the pictures for our auction. Click the the tiny box next to each picture you want in your auction. This will activate the blue bar at the bottom of the page. If you have lots of images in Photobucket you may have to scroll down the page to get to the blue navigation bar after you have put checks in the pictures you want included in your auction. Once you have clicked all the pictures you want in your auction in the blue navigation bar click Generate HTML and IMG code. This will take you to a new page where we will grab our code for our auction.

We are now on the Photobucket Generate HTML , eBay and IMG Code page. This will generate the code for our auctions so we will not have to fiddle with the actual picture code and worry about the number of pictures we want to add. We want to copy theHTML images for eBay, LiveJournal, Myspace, etc. code. This happens to be the second box. The first box would work too but it will give you thumbnails sized pictures in your auction that shoppers will have to click to enlarge. Click your mouse in the second box. This will highlight the code in the box. Now RIGHT Click Your mouse and choose Copy.

Take the code you just copied from Photobucket and go back to the Describe your item area on eBay. Highlight the img code in the middle of the alert tags. It will look similar to this. It may not look the exact same but it will look very similar.
<img src="http://i291.photobucket.com/albums/ll288/dtsart/addpics.jpg" />
You want to highlight everything including the < and the > Now Right Click and choose Paste to place the photobucket code into our template.

We now have the photobucket code for our pictures in the template. Your code will be different. It may be longer if you have choose more than 2 pictures. With this method you can choose as many pictures to put in your auction as you would like and with no additional per picture eBay fees!

Let's look and see what our pictures look like shall we :-) Click the Standard Tab.We can now see our template beginning to take shape.If you scroll you will be able to see the pictures you added.

It is now time to add the title to our template. We are going to stay in the Standard Tab side for awhile. Scroll Up until you see the Title of the Template. Put your cursor in the title. DO NOT DELETE the title before you type, or you will run the risk of deleting the styling of the title. Place your cursor in the title and type your new title. NOW delete the old title.

Now repeat the last step, with the paragraph just below it. Remember Do NOT DELETE the words Type Description Here first. Type a Sentence first THEN delete Type Description Here so you will keep the styling and formatting the paragraph.

Continue to work your way through the template adding in your information and deleting the old Type here text for the shipping, payment, scrolling message, etc. If there is something in the template that you do want there just delete it. Want a new paragraph? Hit your enter/return button. DO BE CAREFUL when you are deleting. If you mindlessly hit the delete button too many times you could delete the formatting of the template. You will have to start all over again from the beginning if you mess up the formatting. When your template is all filled out in all areas you can hit the preview button to make sure it looks like you want it to.

Finish Filling out the information eBay ask of you on the page. When you get to the bottom of the Create your listing page click the continue button.

Fill in any of the features you wish to upgrade your eBay auction with. I usually don't do extras. When you get to the bottom of that page you will click List Your Item. But right above that you will see, Save this listing as a template and use it to sell similar items. Put a Check in there and then the template will be available the next time you sell an item. You can do a smidge of updating and it will not take you quite as long the next time you go to list the item.

Congratulations! Your auction has just been listed!


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